Who Am I?

The reason  I created this blog is to sell Amazon Product. I never sell any product from Amazon before, that is why I need to test my marketing strategy to sell the product.

My choice of product for my first trial are the best seller book. Why I choose book? It is because I love books so much. I have plenty of books that kept. I can gain my knowledge by reading the best seller books. That is why I choose the best seller books. It doesn't mean that the books that is not the best seller books is not good. It is because the questions "why it bcomes the best seller books"? that make me interested to read.

Otherwise, most of the best seller book is wrote by the person who have the knowledge, credibility and already success in their areas. So you have to read the best seller books if you want to increased the specific of  your interest areas or skills.

If you wan to know more about me, you can read my other blog : My Success Journey. I created this blog is to make my success diary.  I will record all the things I do in order to reach my success. This is a diary the will recorder all my journey to success including the mistake that I made.

I share this blog just make sure you didn't make the mistake that I have did. Therefore from the experience that I shared, you can cut success journey by avoiding to do the thing that I've done wrong.

So I hope you will reading my My Success Journey Blog , and will see if I can make it or not. Also don't forget to visit this blog see how I can sell my first amazon product especially the best seller books.

So I hope you will have a nice day and always be happy.

See you around & don't forget to share your success to.
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