Monday, 23 September 2013

Mr Jones is Trying Hard To Make His Business Success

Mr Jones will succeed if he willing to push to the limits.

Business start up to success
I want to share you the story of start up business that I wrote. It is about an ordinary people trying to change his life by entering a business world and facing difficulties.

The power of pushing to the limit and not giving up will create a success to his life. The question arise is, will he dare to do that.

Find out how Mr Jones will succeed in his journey ...

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Its Already A Month, The Sale Still Did Not Happen.

Otherwise I Have A New Strategy On How To Make First Sale On Amazon.Com.

I still not give up on selling the first book from Amazon.Com Affiliate. From one point of view, it looks tough. When I see from the different view, I know how to do it. I just craft a new strategy on how to make my first sale selling book from

Here it is :

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 5 : Another Lens Has Been Blocked. No Amazon Affiliate Earnings.

when will be my first sale?

I still didn't manage  to get first sale.  The strategy used only marketing through squidoo lens. There is still no conversion from the amazon product that I promoted.

My second lens is categorized under squidoo community that related to my first lens about the best seller books. For your information if you not reading my previous post, I'm trying to sell book that is categories in the best seller books from amazon.

So there is still no improvement although I did  a research on my keywords. I need to do more research in order to get my first sale. The strategy will be change a bit but I still trying to create another lens related to the best seller books.

I cannot show you my lens because its already taken down by squidoo.

I will update you soon the next strategy that I used if there is improvement. The important thing is to have traffic coming to my lens together with the blog update.

See ya later.