Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Its Already A Month, The Sale Still Did Not Happen.

Otherwise I Have A New Strategy On How To Make First Sale On Amazon.Com.

I still not give up on selling the first book from Amazon.Com Affiliate. From one point of view, it looks tough. When I see from the different view, I know how to do it. I just craft a new strategy on how to make my first sale selling book from Amazon.com.

Here it is :

You Need To Write A Book If You Want Sell A Book.

So here is my strategy :

I will write a short book on kindle with 20 to 30 pages. Sell on Amazon.com and the book is contains the link to other Amazon.com book.

But here is the secret :

Reviews is the success of selling books. Not from others but it can be your own reviews with link. So wait for my next post and we will see if I succeed or not.

See ya.

P.S I read about the The Art Of the Deal From Donald Trump. I like the strategy of using media as a weapon in gaining the success in deal making. I think I know how to do it. Actually it did not related to this mission. I just have another mission. So if you want to read about how +Donald Trump do it, just go and buy this book Trump: The Art of the Deal.


  1. Good strategy but be sure to read the Amazon terms of service. They state that you cannot embed affiliate links in eBooks, so just be careful using this strategy.

    I think writing more content for your website would be the best strategy right now.

    Stay optimistic, remember that changes take 2 - 3 months to show in search results. Good things take time.

    1. Thanks Adrian, I will stick to the content update and at the same time will find the best strategy on selling books.

  2. Time to get back to it. Looks like you haven't posted in 6 months so I am here to motivate you. :-)