Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 5 : Another Lens Has Been Blocked. No Amazon Affiliate Earnings.

when will be my first sale?

I still didn't manage  to get first sale.  The strategy used only marketing through squidoo lens. There is still no conversion from the amazon product that I promoted.

My second lens is categorized under squidoo community that related to my first lens about the best seller books. For your information if you not reading my previous post, I'm trying to sell book that is categories in the best seller books from amazon.

So there is still no improvement although I did  a research on my keywords. I need to do more research in order to get my first sale. The strategy will be change a bit but I still trying to create another lens related to the best seller books.

I cannot show you my lens because its already taken down by squidoo.

I will update you soon the next strategy that I used if there is improvement. The important thing is to have traffic coming to my lens together with the blog update.

See ya later.


  1. Stick with it Faisal, you'll get there. Remember that every set-back is just a lesson that takes you one step closer to success.

    I know that the Squidoo algorithm has changed recently and that there are a few people blogging about how to best use it. From my understanding it's important to keep your keyword density low and out of your first paragraph. Also remember to write in a first person perspective.

    1. Thanks Adrian, I will stick with it. I will keep updating and researching.