Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 4 : I Created Another Lens For The Best Seller Books

It has been day 4 since my first lens has been locked. I created another lens that actually was put in category about me and sharing the story of my first lens.

The second lens that I created is also talking about the best seller books. You can visit my lens at Hi There, Nice To Meet You .

I'm sharing about the book that I loved and had influenced me a lot . The book also help me to change in term or mindset thinking. The 30 days exercise in changing habit from this book really put me in a right direction and increase my confident and of course I will start to make more success in my life. If you like to read the book I suggest you visit Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Let's talk about my second lens. The keyword I choose is using the same keyword form my first lens. I also used the same software to find keyword. It is really  powerful software that had everything such SEO, link building , analysis and other great feature that is very useful if you want to get notice.

You can read the details about the software by visiting Traffic Travis .

Since my second len has just created , we will see either it will making a sale or not.  The objective of this blog creation is to try to make first sale by selling the best seller books from amazon.

I will update you guys soon. Please don't forget to always visit this blog to see what is the progress of the challenge.

See ya ..
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