Saturday, 8 June 2013

I Just Read About The Challenge From The Warrior Forum

I just created this blog in order to participate in the amazon associate challenge that has been addressed by Adrian Abrate from Cashioca Pudding | Amazon Associates Blog.

It is quite a good exercise for me to try to make money online by selling product from Amazon. Actually I already have the amazon associates account. My intentions is to focus more on selling a book.

From the research that I did, I found out that it quite challenging to sell book. It is because of tight competitor. However I will try to update how I'm doing with this challenge.

I also read about another participant that also quite good in promoting online product, Marcel Springorum from Cashflow10 | Blog. You should visit their blog to see the update  and performance of their mission.

I will update later about the status. See ya.

1 comment:

  1. All the best with the challenge Faisal. If you can sell one book you can sell many, just keep your focus on the first and the rest will come.

    I'll keep checking back for updates!